56 Stylish home Black and white house exterior design

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56 Stylish home Black and white house exterior design (3)

An integral space for any family dinner, the dining room is a vital – but often overlooked – part of the home. Filling the space between lounge and kitchen, it often acts as the design intermediary, not lead. Using monochrome interior cues can give your dining room prominence. Drop a statement chandelier over the middle of your dining table, marking the spot for eating and laughter. Shape the space with unusually curved chairs, around a table in a contemporary finish. Paint the walls in film noir shades to create ambience in your home’s centre for entertaining. Take a look at our top thirty dining rooms that dazzle in black and white.

56 Stylish home Black and white house exterior design (3)
56 Stylish home Black and white house exterior design (3)

Many of us have little problem using white, beige or even gray to shape a beautiful dining room backdrop that serves as a neutral canvas for some lovely accent additions. Others prefer going with brighter shades such as red and yellow in the dining space. But one color that is often overlooked and even detested at times is black. Many believe that black and the dining room simply do not fit. This is especially true in the case of homeowners who believe that adding black will take away from the cheerful, contemporary appeal of their home. But today, we will try and put that myth to bed by taking a look at a few gorgeous black dining rooms.

Black adds sophistication, style and chic elegance to spaces and can be used in a variety of ways to fit in with the theme, style and size of your dining room. Adding black to the dining room does not necessarily mean creating a dark and gloomy setting that borrows from an era gone by (though that look works like magic in certain cases!). Here are some handy tips on how to use black in the dining room, along with fabulous inspirations that will get you started in the right direction.


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