11 Stunning Tile Ideas For Your Home – Decor Ideas -4

10. Tiled “Area Rug”

Give the illusion of an area rug with the creative placement of tile! This is ideal for “zoning” different areas such as under a dining room table, an entryway, or even just a large room with expansive floor space that needs visual interest.

tiled area rug

tiled area rug

11. Faux Wood on The Walls

It’s almost upsetting to see “wood” in a shower stall, until you realize it’s just tile! I love just about anything with a rustic design, especially the combination of wood and stone. Whenever I think of the faux wood tile, I imagine it on the floor, but it’s simply striking on a wall or shower! I’ll bet it would even look cool as a kitchen backsplash paired with white cabinetry and clean, simple countertops.

tiled area rug

tiled area rug


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